ERGO Database Installation

For Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express

Installing Microsoft SQL 2008 Server Management Studio with Advanced Features

  • Download the package software from Microsoft.  The version to use for XP and other 32-bit Microsoft operating systems (XP Pro and Windows 7 32-bit) is SQLEXPRADV_x86_ENU.exe.  You can find it with Google.
  • Run installation package:  SQLEXPRADV_x86_ENU.exe
  • Select “Installation” from left-hand list.
  • Select first option:  New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation
  • When “Setup Support Rules” comes up, fix any issues, such as installing Microsoft Power Shell or re-starting the computer.  If no errors are reported, click “Close”
  • When “Setup Support Files” comes up, click “Install”
  • If no issues, click “Next”
  • Click “Next” again to install the free version
  • Click the box “I accept the license terms” and click “Next”
  • Click “Select All” and then “Next”
  • In “Instance Configuration” box, the Named instance should be dotted and indicate “SQLExpress”; the Instance ID should be “SQLExpress”; the Instance root directory should be “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\”.  Click “Next”
  • The next box “Disk Space Requirements” indicates how much space is required and how much is available.  Click “Next”
  • The next box, “Server Configuration” needs the Account Name and password to be entered:
    SQL Server Database Engine:  in “Account Name”  select NT AUTHORITY\NETWORKING…
    Password:  blank
    Sql Server Reporting sServices:  in “Account Name” select NT AUTHORITY\NETWORKING…
    Click Next
  • The next box, “Database Engine Configuration,” under the “Account Provisioning” tab, select Mixed Mode (SQL Server authentication and Windows authentication); enter the Windows user’s sign-on password (4159), and click “Add Current User”; then click “Next”
  • The next box, “Reporting Services Configuration,” should have the “Install the native mode default configuration” circle dotted.; click “Next”
  • The next box, “Error and Usage Reporting” doesn’t need anything checked; click “Next”
  • The next box, “Installation Rules” should report no errors.  Click “Next”
  • The next box, “Ready to Install” gives a lot of information.  Click “Install”
  • It takes a lot of time, and a whole lot of stuff happens while the progress bar progresses.
  • When completed, a message will appear that says you need to restart the computer.  Click “Next”
  • The next box, “Complete,” says the installation completed successfully, and a pop-up box says “You must restart the computer to complete SQL Server Setup”; Click “OK” in that box and the big box will close.


SET UP Management Studio for ERGO TELESCOPE DATA:

  • Run Microsoft SQLL Server Management Studio
  • When the “Connect to Server” box pops up, select Server type as “Database Engine”; Server name:; Authentication “SQL Server Authentication”; Login:  DB_13669_cosmic_user; Password:  edc123ijn; “Remember Password”; click “Connect”
  • Click on Databases in the left-hand tree menu to open it.  Click on DB_13669_cosmic; Tables; System Tables; dbo.eventraw; columns; rawdata; double-click to bring up “Column Properties” box; click “Close”
  • Click “New Query” in upper left-hand toolbar (just below “File” tab).
  • In upper window, under “SQLQuery1.sql” tab, type : select * from eventraw
  • Click “!Execute” button
  • Data will be listed in lower window.